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5 Business Benefits of a Commercial Cleaning Service

5 Business Benefits of a Commercial Cleaning Service

When you own or manage a business, you probably don’t have time to focus on daily details like cleaning. As your company grows, outsourcing certain services allow you to focus on your core offerings and client satisfaction. Consider these five major benefits of hiring a commercial cleaning service.

Improved Indoor Air Quality

Whether you have employees or see clients on site, you want to make sure that they are breathing clean air at your facility. A commercial cleaning service can remove dust and dirt that compromise interior air quality, which is one of the five biggest human health risks according to the Environmental Protection Agency.

Increased Productivity

Even if you aren’t directly supervising the cleaning process at your facility, someone on your team is–and his or her time is probably better spent on other tasks. A trustworthy, professional commercial cleaner frees up your staff for work that directly impacts your business bottom line. In addition, you avoid OSHA compliance issues that can arise if inappropriate cleaning chemicals are used, which is not a concern when you work with an experienced cleaning firm.

Fewer Sick Days

Commercial cleaning services have the experience to do a comprehensive job, which means they will disinfect germy areas like doorknobs, faucets and phones. This leads to a healthier work environment and fewer instances of absenteeism among your staff.

Better Equipment Protection

Chances are if your computer system goes down your entire office will be experiencing downtime. Dust and dirt can get into your devices, so they won’t work as well and may even need to be replaced more often. Avoid this expense by investing in commercial cleaning services.

Enhanced Professionalism

Even if you rarely see clients at your workspace, the appearance of your facility reflects on your company. An attractive, pristine space can help attract new customers, employees, partners and even investors.

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